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[sharing] subbed Otsuka Ai PVs

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i got tagged and didn't notice!! D:

I'm updating because calpis37 tagged me a long time ago and I didn't even notice. Sorry!! XD;;;

The rules:
* Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
* People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
* At the end of your blog, you need to choose (8) people to get tagged and list their names.
* Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

1)When I'm bored, I use search engines to get information on all sorts of random stuff. For example, serial killers, shallow suicides, cute things, information on gothic lolita... XD;;;
2)Every page on my school notebooks have doodles on them. Sometimes I even doodle on the notes~ D8
3)I throw up when I eat things with mayonnaise and mustard on them. D:
4)When I was small, I used to hate the smell of taxis, so... I used to hold my nose during whole taxi rides. ^W^;;;
5)I want to marry Uwasaman<3
6)When I post to this journal, there's always an error at the end. D8
7)Until last year (when I first heard one of their songs), I thought An Cafe was an all-girl group. I'm ashamed. XDD;;;;
8)I am influential!!>8DDD I've influenced a lot of people into saying "nuuu" and fangirling SID. XD;;;

Oh noes I lack 2 more people to tag. D:
So I tag:
nekoism (kung hindi ka pagod, gawin mo to ah~ 8D)
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sleepy + nightmare fangurling

Why hallo thar<3

Damn that schoolbus!! XDDDD
It didn't pick me up and there were no cabs around so I couldn't come to school. >___<

I ended up staying at home and downloading random JRock. X___x

The latest I've downloaded are songs by "Candy Spooky Theater". Pictures I saw of them were freaky and I like freaky stuff so I downloaded their songs. O_o

They have so much make-up on that I thought that guy in the left was a girl. But for some reason almost all of the female JRock artists I've seen turned out to be guys. XD

I think I only like one song by the Candy Spooky Theater. I can't even remember its title because it's to long. >___< Its title is "Ferris Wheel ~Cinderella no kimi to, kanzen ni kowareteshimatta ohjisama no boku~" (I had to copy and paste that. .___.)

Damn my older brother. He keeps walking around, talking to himself and singing sentai songs. >___<

Getting back to the Candy Spooky Theater song I liked, it's lyrics are so poetic. XDDD

Wah, I'm sleepy. I'm turning into an unproductive ball of slime again. D:

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insomnia prz?

It's 4am and I just can't sleep!! X________x
This'll be bad when school starts (which is just a few days away)... X___x


Beef cup noodles with pepper and shrimp tastes so good!<3 <3
man, i sound so freaky~ O__o

I like Boku Dake no Madonna~<3
But I hate hate hate hate HATE HATE Surumi!! That b****!! So selfish!! D8<

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Well, it's almost 5am. X__x
I think I'll go sleep. Thank you for reading. ((((OwO)/
sid// aki

[uploads] go!go!7188 and jyongri

Uploaded some of GO!GO!7188's singles and one JYONGRI PV out of boredom... >___<

[single] GO! GO! 7188 - Ukifune

1) Ukifune
2)Papa Pants


[Single] GO! GO! 7188 - Ruriiro

2)Akai Sofa

Megaupload// Sendspace

[Single] GO!GO!7188 Dotanba de Cancel

1) Dotanba de Cancel
2) Bungu
3) Chichukai

Sendspace //

[Single] GO!GO!7188 - Aoi Kiretsu

1)Aoi Kiretsu
2)Pierrot no Kanashimi


[PV]JYONGRI - ~Yakusoku~

Megaupload //

Comment when snagging. ^^