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07 June 2007 @ 10:40 am
sleepy + nightmare fangurling  
Why hallo thar<3

Damn that schoolbus!! XDDDD
It didn't pick me up and there were no cabs around so I couldn't come to school. >___<

I ended up staying at home and downloading random JRock. X___x

The latest I've downloaded are songs by "Candy Spooky Theater". Pictures I saw of them were freaky and I like freaky stuff so I downloaded their songs. O_o

They have so much make-up on that I thought that guy in the left was a girl. But for some reason almost all of the female JRock artists I've seen turned out to be guys. XD

I think I only like one song by the Candy Spooky Theater. I can't even remember its title because it's to long. >___< Its title is "Ferris Wheel ~Cinderella no kimi to, kanzen ni kowareteshimatta ohjisama no boku~" (I had to copy and paste that. .___.)

Damn my older brother. He keeps walking around, talking to himself and singing sentai songs. >___<

Getting back to the Candy Spooky Theater song I liked, it's lyrics are so poetic. XDDD

Wah, I'm sleepy. I'm turning into an unproductive ball of slime again. D:


I have a new crush.Yay~~<3
His name is Ruka. He's the drummer for the jrock band Nightmare. XD

A drummer, like other guys I've loved liked (Tacchon, Yodogawa Yoshihiro, Katchan from Orange Range). XDDD

The picture wouldn't show up right. >___<

LAWL. Isn't he the gayest?!!!<3 XDDDD

I was showing nekoism and some other friends including one who didn't appreciate beauty!! yesterday night. XDDD

And this was the dude I liked from Nightmare first, Ni~ya:

This is another guy I'm eyeing Nightmare's guitarist, Sakito~~:

He looks like he's part of Johnny's Jr here. O_o


pictures taken from here.

This is the end of this post. Thank you for your time. m(___)m

LOL that was like, just a post with Nightmare pictures excluding the members I don't find very attractive... I'm ashamed...XDDD[Unknown LJ tag]
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sarapinpinsarapinpin on June 7th, 2007 03:20 am (UTC)
WTF why are there 3 lj cuts?!!! XDDDDDDDDDDDD